National Close the Gap Day

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples die 10-17 years younger than other Australians and it's even worse in some parts of Australia. We must take action to demand Indigenous health equality.


Thank you for supporting National Close the Gap Day.  Our print resources are sent through Australia Post from Adelaide and depending on where you are, delivery can typically take up to 7 days (longer in some remote locations).  If you register for NCTGD now, we cannot guarantee you will receive your resource pack before the 15th.  If you are registering on or after March 9, it is unlikely you will receive your pack in time.

 Don’t worry, you can access all of the resources [online here] for DIY download and printing.


No matter what your activity – register now

No matter how big or small your activity, yours will play an important role in building local support for ending the Indigenous health crisis. At a national level, registering your activity shows the broad ongoing community support for action to Close the Gap by 2030.

Remind governments of their responsibility to achieve health equality for all Australians. Your activity can be any size or shape you like.


What's most important is that you take part by registering now.

Hosting an activity is a really easy way to be part of the solution (and it's fun!)



At your workplace

A morning or afternoon tea at your workplace is one activity you could hold. An activity like this demonstrates your organisation’s core values and delivers a positive health message to its workforce and the sector in which you work. Watch this video to see how General Practice Victoria hosted a morning tea.


At your school

Schools at every level continue to be huge supporters of National Close the Gap Day (NCTGD). Find a range of ideas on how your school can get involved at the school resources page.


At home or in your community

Play a sport? Consider holding a National Close the Gap Day competition or round. Love to cook? Host a dinner party or afternoon tea, watch the Close the 2017 Gap Video and have a discussion about Indigenous health.

Need more inspiration? Visit National Close the Gap events to see what others are up to.

Whatever activity you choose to do, support Indigenous health equality by registering your activity now.

National Close the Gap Day: Thursday, 15 March 2018.