Empowerment through Agricultural Education in Vietnam

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My name is Bonnie Moloney and I am very excited about the venture I am about to undertake on March 9, I am heading to Vietnam to trek through the Sapa Valley. It’s a huge challenge for me, and is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Over 5 days, I will trek through impoverished rural villages in the north of Vietnam and visit places where the money we raise will be spent.

Am I crazy? No! I am not doing this for nothing, I am taking on this challenge in order to raise funds for the WEAVE Project, Women’s Economic Empowerment through Agricultural Value Chain Enhancement (WEAVE). This project will empower villagers and create a brighter future in Vietnam, especially women, they will be educated and be able to have a say in decisions that are made at home and in their communities. WEAVE will help them earn a decent living from farming pigs, cinnamon or bananas, depending on where they live.

This is a cause is so dear to my heart, with children of my own I couldn’t image the poverty so many families face


Supporting: Vietnam Trek to Tackle Poverty

Trek through the stunning and picturesque Sapa Valley on this 11-day adventure, tackling poverty with Oxfam in Vietnam.   Hike through terraced rice fields and remote villages, and help create economic empowerment and sustainable livelihoods for women in Vietnam.   This is an incredible once-in-a-lifetime journey to see our work in the field and meet the people whose lives you've helped change.   You and Oxfam, tackling poverty together.


Bonnie M.
1 year ago

Empowering women is my passion and my life purpose. Women contribute so much into our world and by creating a world of equality and opportunity it means we will have a voice and a better life for ourselves, our families and for the generations who follow. It's all about developing lasting solutions, not just throwing money at a problem but finding a way to empower women to take control of their own lives.

Together with your financial support and my fundraising efforts we will be helping to create economic empowerment and sustainable livelihoods for women in Vietnam.


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